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   Meet Our Diaper Babies!!!!

  An adorable, unique departure from the traditional diaper cake. Lots of essential baby items expertly crafted to look just like a napping infant! "Baby" is fashioned from diapers and "dressed" with gifting goodies for that special new arrival! Comes wrapped in cellophane on sturdy presentation board (covered by cuddly receiving blanket!). All items are brand new and useable when disassembled. Makes the perfect shower gift or center-piece. Approx:15" long x 4.5" wide x 6" high. *See our Shopping Cart page to order*

"My Lil' Pumpkin" Diaper Baby/$34.95

Includes: >14 Luvs diapers--size 1 >onesie >bib >2 washcloths >crochet Pumpkin toy >crochet Pumpkin hat >pacifier >receiving blanket.

"My Little Cupcake" Diaper Baby/$34.95

Includes: 14 Luvs diapers (size 1); onesie; crochet baby hat; socks; pacifier; crochet cupcake toy; 2 washcloths; bid; receiving blanket.

"Littlest Football Fan" Diaper Baby/$34.95

Includes: 14 Luvs diapers (size 1); crochet baby hat; onesie; pacifier; needlepoint football toy; 2 wash clothes; socks; bib; receiving blanket.

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